Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park has some of the highest population density of elephants than anywhere in Tanzania, and its sparse vegetation, strewn with baobab and acacia trees, makes it a beautiful and distinct location. Located just a few hours’ drive from the town of Arusha, Tarangire is a popular stop for safari-goers traveling through the northern circuit on their way to Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. The park extends into two game controlled areas and the wildlife is allowed to move freely throughout

  • Interesting Facts About Tarangire National Park
  • Second only to the Serengeti ecosystem for concentration of wildlife during the dry season.
  • Herds of 300 elephants and teems of antelope crowd the dwindlingwaters of the Tarangire River and its shrinking lagoons.
  • Tarangire National Park One can see a large concentration of elephants year-round.
  • An incredible 550 speices of birds, the most breeding species in one habitat anywhere in the world.
  • Predator populations are a big attraction here.
  • Tarangire’s pythons climb trees , so keep a watchful eye on the trees too.
Tarangire National Park

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